Set a Hacker Alarm on Your Web Mail Box

Email HackIt might sound shocking but true that about 16 % of the people have been detected to be facing identity theft today. Shortly, raging issue of some of the forums also centers round this. People wonder how somebody can access their personal email without their personal permission. The recent reports of FTC reveals that nearly 16 % of the victims claim that their information have been stolen by people they knew, like friends, colleague and relatives. This seems to be a raging issue today. Experts believe that such an act is a heinous crime. They feel that immediate precautions have to be taken while using computer at home and office.

Erik Larkin’s how to set a hacker alarm on your web mail box perhaps would give you a genuine solution to this. Here, Erik explained a genuine way to locate if anyone login in to your personal mail account without your permission.

Here is the summery:-

  1. Open an account with, and use a disposable e-mail address to complete the registration process.
  2. You’ll receive an email from OneStat with an attached file. Save the file, note the account number, and then delete the email.
  3. Rename the file with a name that would catch a hacker’s eye like “AccountPasswords.” Save the .txt file as an .htm file so it opens up in a web browser.
  4. Send an email with the .htm file to the account you want to monitor. Use a subject title that is eye catching.
  5. Wait for the hacker to take the bait. If the attachment is opened by anyone else but you, the hit counter will record their IP address.

Except the above process you can do one more thing, change your password frequently to something that’s a little harder to crack. If you have any other suggestions or idea to protect your email account from hackers then please share with us. It will help other to save their personal data.

Moreover, if you disable cookies and never save your e-mail login and password details in your machine that might also help you to solve such issues.

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7 Responses to “Set a Hacker Alarm on Your Web Mail Box”

  1. Antara says:

    Thanks Shimulda,
    you post was of great help to me.

  2. Admilson says:

    This is really a serious problem and we should be careful about the bloody hacker.

  3. Admilson says:

    See your post already started helping people. Thats your achievement Shimul. keep on doing it.:)

  4. Arindam says:

    that’s interesting shimul. I was not aware of this. thanks for sharing it.

  5. abhirupa says:

    yes id theft is a big problem….to avoid being a victim of id theft should take enough steps to protect his personal info.

  6. Recently I listed my e-mail address on a blog and began to get a lot of phishing emails I submit them to the phishtrackers web site this can help other people recognize the these scams.

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