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Hi friends, have you checked my VISITOR STATS. If not, then check it immediately. Have you noticed any change in my stats? Yes, number of visitors growing day by day. Trust me, 99% of that visitors I have got from Google Image Search (Till 27.07.07). Do you want to know how, ok let me explain:-

On 12th July 27, 2007 I have made a post regarding “The new wonderful 7!”. On that post, I have posted the new 7 wonderful images. I have picked up all the images from google. I have searched “Taj Mahal” at .

Choose the picture of choice. Right Click on the image which are being shown in the listing and copy the image location. Click on the following image for enlarge it..


The image urls would be like for example –

Remember that this must be the google image link, not the direct link to the site. Now paste the image using the image url at your site.

If you use instead of for image search and put link on your site then you can get visitors from UK. I have posted images on another blog from google uk and I have got visitors from UK.

I really don’t know what type of google algo works for this. If any of you have any idea then please let me know.

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5 Responses to “Increase your visitor with Google image search”

  1. Anirudh says:

    Hmmmmm!! looks very intresting…..I planning to try this on my blog and then I will post my detailed comments.

  2. Prasanta says:

    This may be true fact. I have not experienced it yet. This is really amazing thing.

  3. Tim says:

    Woww.. it is working…. thanks for the tips.. :)

  4. skinny says:

    can you show me how to get the image url please, im still confuse about image location

  5. nice tricks to increase visitors THANKS SHIMUL..!

    I Will Try This On My Blog Thank You..!

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