Few tips and tricks to easier your Google Search

Part – I

Searching Google

Google’s Boolean default is and, that means if you enter query words without modifiers, Google will search for all of them. If you search for:-

Snowblower Honda “Green Bay”

Google will search for all the words. If you want to specify that either word is acceptable, you put an OR between each item:-

Snowblower OR Snowmobile OR “Green Bay”

If you want to definitely have one term and have one of two or more other terms, you group them with parentheses, like this:-

Snowblower (snowmobile OR “Green Bay”)

This query searches for the word “snowmobile” or phrase “Green Bay” along with the word “snowblower.” A stand-in for OR borrowed from the computer programming realm is the | (pipe) character, as in:

Snowblower (snowmobile | “Green Bay”)

If you want to specify that a query item must not appear in your results, use a – (minus sign or dash).

Snowblower snowmobile – “Green Bay”

This will seach for pages that contain both the words “snowblower” and “snowmobile” but not the phrase “Green Bay”.

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