Differences between ASP and HTML

Everything changes randomly; nothing is permanent in the IT industry. Some techniques are established with their precious features but when something new arrives with more features, and then we just give up using older techniques. Same thing is happening with HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language); with the arrival of ASP (Active Server Page) in the IT industry.

Ability of creating dynamic, interactive pages is an important reason to get ASP popular among the mass. HTML is still popular in its own field, but we can’t create dynamic pages using HTML, and ASP beats HTML here. Those website owners, who are using ASP code in their web pages, can create websites as per their visitor’s requirement. This is the main difference between HTML and ASP.

If we notice how web server uses these two languages then we can easily understand the difference. For this web server’s user can see a webpage in the net. When we type a web address/URL in the browser then browser immediately send a request to the web server. After that web server doing following works:-

1. Read the request coming from the browser.
2. Start finding that specific HTML page.
3. Send that page to user through internet or intranet.

Now if the page uses ASP instead of HTML then server reaction is different from above. Here is the process:-

1. Read the request coming from the browser.
2. Find out that webpage.
3. Execute the ASP code from web page.
4. Send that page through internet.

So, main difference between them is, HTML directly interpreted through browser and ASP pages directly execute from web server.

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